Service Can't Falter

All-time™ works for HCL

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Communication can't hold

All-time™ works for Centrica

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Customers can't wait

All-time™ works for Marks and Spencer

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Media can't lag

All-time™ works for The Financial Times

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Recovery as a Service (RaaS)

We take responsibility for the recovery of your business – not just your technology. Recovery as a Service from Sungard AS delivers the complete set of people, processes and tools to ensure comprehensive, compliant and effective testing and recovery to meet your stated recovery time/recovery point objectives (RTOs/RPOs).

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Business Continuity Software

With round-the-clock operations becoming the norm, more responsibility for resilience planning needs to be cascaded from the business continuity manager onto functional business leaders. Assurance, our continuity management and notification management Software-as-a-Service offering, is designed to help you decentralise business continuity,shift the focus from plans to outcomes, and instil greater confidence among your stakeholders.

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Work Area Recovery

Keep your business and people available in any eventuality. Sungard AS has India's most advanced workplace and office recovery solutions, so we're wherever you need us, whenever you need us. With just one phone call, we can initiate the platforms, facilities and global connectivity you need to maintain business as usual.

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Business Continuity Consulting

It's not just external events that can impact your business: even restructuring or process optimisation can increase risk by introducing new potential points of failure. Are you confident that your organisation's business continuity management programme addresses all your current risks? Or that your resiliency strategy would not only work, but also meet board, customer and regulatory expectations, in a time of need?

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Company Update

On March 31, 2014, Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) was split off from SunGard and became a separate, independent company. If you are looking for information on SunGard, including SunGard Financial Systems, SunGard K-12 Education and SunGard Public Sector, please visit www.sungard.com